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About Tagging

For the most part, I don't post NSFW or disturbing content. I'll never post blatantly sexual art. I may occasionally post artistic nudity or suggestive art, all of which will be tagged as **#nsfw**.

I may occasionally post body horror, gore, or otherwise dark themes. I'll tag body horror as **#body horror** and gore as **#gore**. Art that contains blood but no other gore will be tagged as **#blood**.

I don't typically post other common triggers. When I do, I do my best to use common tags for them. Still, if I ever miss something, please don't be afraid to let me know!

Most of my personal posting is left to my sideblog, @robot-toes, but I may occasionally post things other than polished art. If I make text posts here, it's normally art-related. I tag all of my text posts with **#robot.txt**. I'll also tag things as **#not art**. This has a lot of overlap with my personal tag, but sometimes I'll reblog ask games relevant to this blog. Any sketches or unpolished art will usually be tagged **#doodle**, in case you're only here for the painting.

I don't reblog art to this blog. I usually reblog things from aforementioned sideblog (although I often forget to switch over and use it... I cannot wait for fast reblog).