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A-Z Questions (taken from here)

A. Answer: Do you answer texts quickly?
B. Balloons: How many is "too many" balloons?
C. Call: Call a random person or friend. Tell them wonderful things.
D. Dislike: What are two things you dislike doing?
E. Earth: Do you like helping the environment?
F. Fun: What are four things you do for fun?
G. Gaming: What are some video games you have played?
H. Handwriting: Post a picture of your handwriting?
I. Internal: What are 5 things you like about yourself?
J. Joke: Tell us a joke.
K. Kid: What did you want to be when you were little?
L. Like: What are three things you like doing?
M. Making: When was the last time you crafted something?
N. News: Tell us 3 good things that have happened this week.
O. Okay: For those who are feeling down, tell them why it's going to be okay.
P. People: Name 2 important people in your life.
Q. Quiet: Do you enjoy a quiet or loud environment?
R. Reasons: Do you think there is a reason behind everything?
S. Sea: Do you like the beaches or the mountains?
T. Time: How do you spend your time these days?
U. Unconditional: What are 5 things that you search for in a partner?
V. Vacation: Where did you go last for vacation?
W. Weird: What are three weird things that you have noticed other people do?
X. XOXO: When was the last time you wrote a meaningful letter to someone?
Y. You: What are you doing tomorrow? What did you do today?
Z. Zero: What is something you don't have, but want?