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oc design questions

so i've seen (and created!) some questions about OCs themselves... so here's something different! these are about various aspects of OP design and development, from the perspective of a creator.

  1. what do you use your characters for- art? writing? roleplay? some combination of those?
  2. how do you start designing a new character?
  3. what's your overall design philosophy for characters- do you put personality above all else, or physical appearance, or their role in the story, or something else? how does this affect the design/development process?
  4. what phase of character designing is your favorite? least favorite?
  5. which characters are your favorites, overall? why?
  6. which characters have your favorite designs? why?
  7. which of your characters has gone through the most changes, and what were those changes?
  8. which of your currently active characters is the oldest? how old are they?
  9. do your characters tend to have any recurring themes? is this deliberate, or does it just happen?
  10. do your characters tend to have certain personality traits in common? is this deliberate?
  11. what do you do when an character doesn't have as much of a "spark" as you'd hoped, or otherwise doesn't click with you very well?
  12. where do you get inspiration for new characters?