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Whaddup I threw together another ask meme game! This one is


👫and their best friend

👩‍❤️‍👩and their significant other

👙at the beach

🧣ready for winter

🍁in a seasonal setting


🛌in the setting of a weird dream

☔️caught in the rain

🍳attempting cooking

🥂on a date

⚽️playing a sport

🎇watching fireworks

👨‍👨‍👧if they had a kid with another OC (doesn’t have to be canon!)

🧬as another species

👶when they were a kid

🎩in their best clothes

🎁reaction to getting a gift

💌giving (or receiving) a love letter

🗝and a secret they keep


💎and their most valued possession

📸in the worst photo that’s ever been taken of them

🦸‍♀️as a super hero or super villain

🏝on a deserted island (bonus: with the person they hate most)

👀sharing some hot gossip

✈️and their reaction to flying

🚎squished into an overcrowded bus/train/tram

🎲taking a chance at something they usually put off

🎧singing or listening to their favourite song

🔥furious at something

🐾and their pet (or most likely pet, if they don’t have one)

👑as royalty

🧞‍♂️and the 3 things they’d wish for

🧙‍♂️as their own DND character (if they don’t have one, as whatever character they would most likely make first time playing DND)