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oc design questions

so i've seen (and created!) some questions about OCs themselves... so here's something different! these are about various aspects of OP design and development, from the perspective of a creator.

  1. what do you use your characters for- art? writing? roleplay? some combination of those?
  2. how do you start designing a new character?
  3. what's your overall design philosophy for characters- do you put personality above all else, or physical appearance, or their role in the story, or something else? how does this affect the design/development process?
  4. what phase of character designing is your favorite? least favorite?
  5. which characters are your favorites, overall? why?
  6. which characters have your favorite designs? why?
  7. which of your characters has gone through the most changes, and what were those changes?
  8. which of your currently active characters is the oldest? how old are they?
  9. do your characters tend to have any recurring themes? is this deliberate, or does it just happen?
  10. do your characters tend to have certain personality traits in common? is this deliberate?
  11. what do you do when an character doesn't have as much of a "spark" as you'd hoped, or otherwise doesn't click with you very well?
  12. where do you get inspiration for new characters?

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oc ask meme

send me one of my OC's names and a number:

  1. give a short summary elevator pitch on them! who are they, what's their role in their story, and what's their very abbreviated backstory?
  2. if you had to describe them in three words, what three words would you use? if they had to describe themselves in three words, what three words would they use?
  3. how would they describe themselves, this time in as many words as they want?
  4. what was the most defining moment in their life? how did they respond to it in the moment, and how has it impacted them since?
  5. what are they really bad at?
  6. what are they really good at?
  7. what do they wish they were better at?
  8. what are some of their greatest insecurities?
  9. what's their favorite thing about themselves?
  10. what's their greatest fear, and how did it develop? if they had to face it, how would they react?
  11. what qualities do they like in other people?
  12. what qualities can they not stand in other people?
  13. how's their relationship with their family?
  14. what do they consider their greatest achievement?
  15. what do they consider their lowest low moment? how did they get there?
  16. do they have goals/dreams/aspirations for their life? if so, what are they? if not, does the lack of direction bother them?
  17. what are some of the times they've failed horribly? how do they react to failure?
  18. how do they handle money, if at all? if they have a job or other way of bringing in income, what is it?
  19. what's the most embarrassing situation they've ever been in?
  20. what are some of their regrets, if any? would they go back in time to fix any of them, if given the chance?